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Enjoy the ultimate sushi experience

At Sushi West, you have the option to make your own food combinations. Pair anything from our gourmet selections with our sushi and rolls. The possibilities are endless. Dine with friends or family!


2 item Combo-Plates with any AA or AB or BB*

3 item Combo-Plates with any AAA or AAB or ABB

3 item Combo-Plates with all 3 Sushi & Rolls BBB*

(A) Gourmet Selections

C - 1 Beef Teriyaki (add $0.50)

C - 2 Beef Sukiyaki (Beef, Onion & Yam Noodle)

C - 3 Chicken Teriyaki

        White Meat Chicken Teriyaki (add $0.50)

C - 4 Spicy Chicken Teriyakl

C- 5 Gyoza, Fried Pork dumpling (5 pcs).

C - 6 Sesame Chicken (#1 Seller)

(B) Sushi & Rolls

C-15 Inari (4 pcs.) Football filled w/Sushi rice

C-16 California Roll (6 pcs.)

C-18 Spicy Salmon Roll (6 pcs.)

* Rice will not be served for all Sushi Combo-Plates BB or BBB

C - 19 Sushi 3 pcs. (tuna, white-fish, & salmon)

          * Limit 2 orders for 3-item combo

with fountain drink

with fountain drink

with fountain drink

C - 7 Shrimp Tempura (2 Shrimp & 3 Veg.)

        Vegetable Tempura (6 Veg.)

*Limit 2 orders for 3 item Combo

C - 8 Fried Filet of Fish (White-Cod, 2 pcs.)

C - 9 Fried Scallop (4 pcs.) (add $0.50)

C-10 Pork Cutlet

C-11 Japanese Potato Croquette (2 pcs.)

C-12 Salmon Teriyaki (add $0.50)

C-13 Salmon Shioyaki (Broiled with Salt) (add $0.50)

C-14 Broiled Mackerel

C-30 Egg Roll

C-20 Sushi 3 pcs. (Yellowtail, Albacore & Shrimp)

          * Limit 2 orders for 3-item combo

C-21 Unakyu (F.W. Eel & Cucumber Hand-Roll)

C-22 Spicy Tuna Hand-Roll

C-23 Spicy Salmon Hand-Roll

C-24 Spicy Scallop Roll (6 pcs.)

C-25 Tekka/Tuna Roll (6 pcs.)

C-26 Kappa/Cucumber Roll (6 pcs.)

C-27 Avocado Roll (6 pcs.)

C-28 Vegetable Roll (6 pcs.)

C-29 Traditional California Roll (add $2.00)

We accept call-in orders.




for details.

The freshest sushi at a great price! Your delicious combinations can be selected from a variety of our menu items such as sushi, tempura, teriyaki and many others.


Combo #2

Combo #6


(served with Green Salad w/ House Special Miso Dressing, Steamed Rice & Miso Soup)

C-17 Spicy Tuna Roll (6 pcs.)















C-31 Shrimp Shumai (4 pcs)